BRIEF: To collaborate with Yinka Ilori to develop technical drawings for the Get Up Stand Up Now exhibition at Somerset House.


Get Up Stand Up Now: Generations of Black Creative Pioneers 

was an exhibition at Somerset House design by Yinka Ilori curated by Zak Ové. The exhibition celebrated the past fifty years of Black creativity in the UK and beyond, in an ambitious exhibition including art, film, photography, music, literature, design and fashion. 


NZS collaborated with artist Yinka Ilori, to deliver technical and construction drawings, and also to build a detailed 3D model which was a vital tool for the visualisation of the exhibition during the design process. As Somerset House is a listed building, the sign off procedure was thorough, and the 3D model assisted the client and the building’s management in visualising the space creatively and practically. 


The model also informed design decisions such as the spatial layout of the furniture, showcases, listening boxes, and props, as well as the display of the final design in elevations and sections. The 3D model was the base for the construction drawings that ranged from colour decisions to the design of fittings and fixtures like the mounts for listening boxes.


NZS was approached for this project because of our well-known ability to play with colour and form in a similar style to Ilori’s. It was a pleasure to work on this project and see bold colour against the neo-classical architecture, showing freedom and liberation and style.